• Method

    Java Method Method in Java is a block of code which is used to execute specific tasks for which it is written and return the result to the caller.A Java method can perform some specific task without returning anything.It is used for code reusability and also increases code readability. It also allows to break program…

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  • Naming Convention

    Java Naming Convention Java naming convention is a set of rule to follow to name the identifiers such as class,variable,package,constant, method, etc. Java follows CamelCase naming convention for writing names of methods, variables, classes, packages, and constants.It consists of compound words or phrases such that each word or abbreviation begins with a capital letter or…

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  • Keywords

    Java Keywords Java keywords are the reserved words which have a predefined meaning to the Java compiler. These predefined words cannot be used as a variable or object name or class name and if we use it we will get a compile error. List of Java Keywords : abstract: It is used to declare an…

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  • Access Modifier

    Access Modifiers In Java defines the scope of data member,variable,method class or constructor specifing security, accessibility of those elements based on access modifiers used. Four types of Access Modifiers in Java are Private,Default,Protected and Public Private: Access of a private modifier is only within the class and cannot be accessed from outside the class. Default:…

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  • Binding

    In OOPs Binding is a process to connect method call to the method body.

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  • Java Inheritance

    Inheritance in Java is a process in which sub class inherits all the properties of super class(parent class).

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