Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita by Ksamyatam in four different languages English,Hindi,Marathi and Gujarati with Materialistic UI and user friendly navigation.

CallSmsBackUp And Restore

CallSmsBackUp And Restore App is android app to backup your android device Call Logs and Sms Log and restoring Call Logs.

  • Display your device call logs
  • Display your device sms
  • Call Logs filtering : All,Incoming,Outgoing,Missed and Rejected
  • SMS filtering: Inbox and outbox
  • Backup of Call logs and SMS in xml and pdf format.
  • Restoring Call logs through app’s xml generated call log files.

Diary Time

Diary Time is a personal digital diary to create,store and share your events with your colleagues,relatives and friends. With this app user can create event,edit it,share event. App also include feature to change app theme,change font color and font size as well.

Gallery App

GalleryApp is a simple android gallery app to get your android device photos

  • Options of sharing , get photos details.
  • It has rich materialistic UI and beautiful slider for sliding images and Zoom In-Zoom Out option as well.
  • It also has image editing option through different apps and setting wallpaper option as well.
  • Users can share multiple images through this app with their friends and relatives.

Mp3 Time

Mp3 Time Player is one of the best app for music and audio player for Android.

  • Listen to all audio file types.
  • Play your favorite music mp3.
  • You can easily find all the music files in your phone.
  • It includes features play,pause,replay any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle or repeat mode,lock screen widget,headset support,share song and many more.

Mp4 Time

Mp4 Time Player is one of the most reliable Mp4 player.

  • Fetches all your Videos and Movies files of your Android Device..
  • It has inbuild video player which is “Purely Android Based” without using any third party library,so i
  • Its most secured Mp4 Player for your devices.

My Files

My Files is android app to fetch all your device files instantly.

  • Fetches all file which includes mp3,mp4,doc,pdf,zip,etc.
  • You can open this file with other installed app which support those extensions.
  • Helps you to access all your device file from one place only instantly.

Panther File Explorer (PFX)

Panther File Explorer is a easy to use file manager app.

  • It includes powerful features like: Copy, cut, paste, rename, delete and many more.
  • Panther File Explorer app is free,easy to use and has file organizer by category: Images, Music, Movies, Documents, Apps,etc.
  • With this app manager for Android, you can easily manage your files and folders on device.

Play School For Kids

Play School For Kids to learn Alphabets,Numbers,Color,Solar System,Week Days and Months.

Play Time Hub

Play Time Hub is digital learning booklet kit to be used by Parents.

  • This app contains training kit for Parents which includes Alphabets,Words,Numbers,Colors,Rhythms,Body Parts,Solar System,Animals,Fruits,Vegetables,Stationary,Week Days and Months.

Upanishads & Vedas

Upanishads & Vedas, ancient secret to know Hinduism.

  • Upanishads & Vedas app contains most of Indian Vedic Upanishads and almost all Indian Vedic Vedas.
  • Following feature are available on Clicking verses.
  • Edit verse,copy verse,google translate verse,share verse,text to speech in english,hindi and sanskrit.
  • On Long Click on verses you will find copy,select and translate options.

Ksamyatam FilesEx

Ksamyatam FilesEx is a much needed and most reliable file explorer for Android Devices.

  • Access to all files extension of your device
  • Access to your internal and external storage as well as option to access your phone storage
  • Option of copy,cut,delete,file detail,bookmark
  • Storage Information of your device
  • Option for Dark Mode by selecting your theme option

File Bhaagah

Share Your Files Instantly With File Bhaagah

  • File Bhaagah app allows you to share your files instantly by connecting to same wifi connection.
  • App allows to share any file extensions like pdf,word,mp3,mp4,apks,etc.
  • To share file using File Bhaagah users will have to connect to with wifi connection.
  • App also provide option to share via Browser.
  • To share file using browser user have to enable web browser sharing option and connect with web link provided.


Store Your Invoices Digitally With Vidheyakah

  • Vidheyakah app allows you to store your invoices digitally.
  • App gives you option to create your personal profile.
  • App allows to generate pdf invoices which is useful for your business.
  • App calculate taxation value and gives appropriate total amount.
  • App can also be used for gst calculation as well.
  • App also gives option of calculating discount.
  • App is completely safe and doesn’t store or process any information of user on any server.


Back Up Your Apps With Utkhid

  • Utkhid App is very useful app for your device to take backup of your apps.
  • App allows you to take backup of your system apps as well.
  • App includes features of sorting.
  • Sorting feature includes sort by name and date in ascending and descending order.
  • App also display package name,app size and installation date.


Yuktitah, Creative Tool For Your Creativity

  • Yuktitah is an Image Editing user friendly app which provides you options to edit image of your choice and prove your creativity.
  • App Provides you option of adding text,editing text,using different fonts,set background and many more.
  • You can use filter of your choice using Yuktitah and make your photo look more beautiful than ever before.
  • Features of app also includes redo,undo,multiple color selection option,saturation and brightness.

Lot more features coming on its way in upcoming versions of Yuktitah!
Download the app and keep editing your images with Yuktitah image editing app.

मराठी अभंग

Wide Collections of Marathi Abhangs,Bhajans and Aarti

  • Marathi Abhang is marathi app for abhang,bhajan and aarti.
  • It has wide collections of abhangs,bhajans and aarti which are widely used by devotees on daily basis.
  • App also has dark theme for good reading experience for the users.
  • Features of app also includes redo,undo,multiple color selection option,saturation and brightness.

Download app now and experience your favorite marathi abhang,bhajan and aarti with this Marathi Abhang app.

Video Trimmer

Trim Your Favorite Videos Or Make Shorts With Video Trimmer App

  • Video Trimmer by Ksamyatam Softwares is easy to use video editing app.
  • You can trim your favorite video with this app.
  • App gives you maximum length of 10 minutes for editing video file like mp4
  • You can also make your shorts with this app.
  • App gives you maximum duration of 60 seconds to make your shorts.

Download the app now and create your favorite memories with Video Trimmer App by Ksamyatam Softwares.

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